Viperia was founded by Alexander Hilonen and Andrej Börjesson in 2002 and released their first demo ([Demo]lition) in 2004, followed by a second demo in 2006 - 'The Fimbul Winters' - which gained mixed reviews from some critics but a great response from a growing fan base.

In early 2007, Viperia participated in the 'Emergenza Music Festival' (one of the worlds largest largest music competitions,) and got all the way to the Nordic finals in both 2008 and 2009. A live DVD was released of the finals, highlighting the band. In the fall of 2008, millions of listeners heard Viperia on the 'AFB Radio Metal Show' as it played several songs from the band's demos for many weeks.

Early 2009 saw the recording of the band's full length album, 'The Dying Embers' which was released in the December of the same year. The album received great reviews from Sweden's largest Metal magazines. Even the German metal magazine, 'Legacy' got hold of the album and gave 'The Dying Embers' 10 out of 15 stars, saying " …one can only hope that a label recognises the potential of this band."

After great reviews and more exposure to the world via a successful web site along with contacts made touring, Viperia were given a 30 minute show meaning many weeks of of tracks played over the Australian web pod cast, 'Live! Wire Pod-cast Radio, with over three million listeners. A request soon came through from American recording promoters, 'Street Cult Marketing' wanting Viperia to be included on the 15th volume of a compilation release which included 'Fear Factory,' 'Scum Of The Earth and many more.

A few years of struggle, a few of great success… Viperia stands tall, not budging and looking forward to an exciting future, Viperia will live on!

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